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Selfie Your Wardrobe

Dear Didi,

My wife and I have ourselves photographed on all of our wedding anniversaries. This time (4th Anniversary) could you kindly advise what we should wear? The photographer has specifically said to wear something that compliments each other. Now we are having 2 photographs clicked, one on a semiformal side & the other a casual one. Kindly advise the attire for both the snaps. Just to make it easier for you: we are Asians (Indians to be precise) & I am on a darker side & my wife is on a fairer side. I am 5 feet 8 inches & my wife is 5 feet 6 inches.

-Raghu Sankar, Location withheld

Dear Raghu Sankar,

Think about the events you attended over the past year and decide which outfits suited you both equally well for a semiformal and for a less casual occasion. You know, that time when you left the house knowing you were both looking your best. Going forward, why not take selfies before leaving the house so you can flip through them next anniversary to find the outfit that makes you both look fabulous. We like hearing from you, but I'm not a stylist. My area is manners, etiquette and protocol. If you're looking for a fashion stylist go to the website what2wearwhere.com and ask Hilary Dick.



Umbrella Dos + Don’ts

Dear Didi,

Not having grown up in a city, I can’t make rhyme or reason out of how to navigate busy sidewalks holding an umbrella. Before I get an eye poked out, can you give me some pointers as to how to keep safe and dry, please?

-E. S., N.Y., N.Y.

Dear E. S.,

For your own safety, save the golf umbrella for the golf course or an outdoor festival and use an umbrella proportionate to your size: you shouldn't be over-shrouded. You want to have a clear sight of oncoming foot traffic, and cars when you're crossing the street. Keep the umbrella closed until you're actually outside and unprotected. For the safety of others, don't tuck a closed umbrella under your armpit with the ferrule (point) jabbing out in back of you as you walk, climb subway stairs, or wait for a bus. The best way to navigate an oncoming crowd is to walk on the outside close to the street where you're less likely to be shoved against a building. If you're tall, raise your umbrella when umbrellas come charging toward you; otherwise, keep your umbrella close to your skull, but not rubbing up against the stretcher (metal inside) so that it doesn't catch and pull on your hair. Dispose of a broken umbrella in a trash can, don't just leave it on the sidewalk to become a runaway umbrella. Gently shake and tap the umbrella before closing it and strap it in prior to entering a protected area; leave it in an umbrella stand, and not on the floor to puddle and stain a wooden entrance hall.


December Wedding Guest Dress Code in Florida at 4:30PM

Dear Didi,

My wife and I are attenting a December wedding in Orlando, FL. She has a beautiful knee-length, short-sleeved navy sequenced dress she would like to wear but does not know if it is appropriate. The wedding is at 4:30pm.

-Confounded husband, florida

Dear Confounded husband,

For a 4:30pm wedding your wife can certainly wear a short-sleeve, knee-length, navy blue sequin sheath dress.  Assuming the dress code is Suits & Dresses, meaning a short, chic cocktail dress, she will be right in style at the reception following the wedding. You might suggest legwear with a shimmer that are a shade lighter than her skin tone to dress up her legs -- if she hasn't planned for them already. We particularly love the legwear at Wolford.com.


Dressing The Thanksgiving Table

Dear Didi,

How do I have a spectacular looking Thanksgiving table that won’t cost a lot?

-new hostess, Provience

Dear new hostess,

Think about what you already have that you can use on your table that is in the Thanksgiving colors or reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. Think color. With candlesticks use colored candles, although try to avoid Christmas candles. Have children decorate place cards and write the name of each guest on a small fold over card. They can cut 4-by-4 inch squares out of construction paper and fold them over with the name on the front. Take a pumpkin and carve out a medium size circle on the top, scrape out the seeds, and insert a container of water in the cavity.  Tightly tuck colorful fall colored flowers into the the container. Or simply fill a glass bowl with clementines, tangerines, or apples for your centerpiece. Thanksgiving morning have children find perfect specimens of fallen leaves and artfully place them like fallen leaves, with the shiny side up, in the middle of your dining table. Try setting the table ahead of time so you have time to add or edit out what isn't colorful. Colored glasses for wine or water that you can place side by side. For instance, a clear wine glass next to a green water glass. Instead of a tablecloth, use one or two colorful runners in the center of the table with the centerpiece centered in the middle. Or place the runners on top of a any tablecloth. Don't forget to put a couple of small bowls of cranberry sauce around the table with spoons, to not only add a pop of color but because your guests can never have enough cranberry sauce. Grate a film of orange peel over the red cranberries. Any left over cranberries can be used to decorate the insides of hurricane lamps.  We use two website to illustrate Hurricane lamps that are safe and sturdy. Google Ralph Lauren Bedford Hurricane and William Sonoma Hurricane. For the children at the table colorful foil covered chocolate turkeys are a sweet reward for having good manners. When looking for ideas for spectacular table settings, check out "Creative Napkins and Table Settings," by Jimmy Ng at Barnes & Noble.